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The program at the National Academy for Digital Entertainment is a specialization in creating computer games. It is integrated into a number of related educations and therefore only students from the DADIU member institutions can apply to the program.

The DADIU program covers one complete semester from September to December. January is allocated for optional reports, evaluations and examinations at the local institution.

The students come from different universities and art schools, but are taught a joint curriculum. Each student is assigned to a role on a game development team and will participate in workshops, lectures, projects and a six-week game-production.

After graduating from DADIU the students will receive a diploma certifying to the industry that the student has completed the training at the Academy.

The game productions and part of the joint curriculum will take place in both Copenhagen and Aalborg. For some of the students this will result some travel and local accommodation. Basic costs for this are covered by DADIU.